Hello World!

“Writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself.” (Pat Conroy)

Ready to blog!

Ready to blog!

Taken by absolute surprise as to just how fitting this quote is to my life, I felt a need to share, express and begin my journey of blogging. Favouring the traditional means of diary writing or journals in the past have been somewhat restrictive in this ever-changing and evolving world we live in. Along with my forgetful nature, I must lose something daily, I thought it wise to keep my musings online and give a nod to technology at the same time.

Entering this universe of emojis, selfies and daily postings, I sought out advice from my brother and sister-in-law about blogging, both of which have successful blogs. Although I was unsure what to post about and whether I should keep it to a specific theme, I quickly realised that for me to achieve my purpose of ‘self-discovery’ (pretentious?!), I decided to blog about what I know: health, fashion, travel, teaching and all things related to a 27 year old British Indian female striving for success.

Unashamedly, I have been regularly posting on Facebook my drivel and clogging up everyone’s newsfeeds with pictures, links and daily updates of my path to a flat stomach and enviable bikini bod! Not until Friday night, when out in Kings Cross, did I realise that perhaps I post too much! So this blog will be a forum for me to share all the weird and wonderful thoughts I have, along with tips and how to guides all stemming from famous quotes as stimuli.

To complete my very first post, I would like to go back to Conroy’s point of how rewarding, refreshing and real writing can be. But don’t be fooled, I will have a whole host of pictures to go along with the text, as we all know “a picture is worth a thousand words.”


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