Combatting the Fitness Plateau

“The diet industry has a deep interest in the failure of dieters- if everyone got skinny, they would go out of business.” (Golda Poretsky)

Exercising with friends is fun, competitive and motivational!

Exercising with friends is fun, competitive and motivational!

Don't give up!

Don’t give up!

“Kha mari dikri. Madja kur”- roughly translates as “Eat my darling. Enjoy yourself.” This is something heard in many Indian households in the past. The promise of delicious gulab jambu, fatty butter chicken and penda was difficult to resist. But my life was tougher… we owned a newsagent too! (I know, how stereotypical for a Patel to have a corner shop?) It wasn’t until it was time to pick my year 9 options did I realise that I enjoyed the idea of living a healthier life and even exercising, something none of my family did! So I started to take care of my body, even developed a physique I could be proud of. College days were the best, Brunel Dance took it further. Healthy living became a lifestyle (minus the great amounts of cheap alcohol consumed at the Student’s Union!)

Gliding through the forest at Go Ape in Kent! I didn't even realise I spent hours climbing!

Gliding through the forest at Go Ape in Kent! I didn’t even realise I spent hours climbing!

Like many I had the post-university podge! Perhaps this is more down to age than anything else. Since university I have battled, furiously battled, with a pair of love handles that love me so much they won’t bloody budge. But this year, 2015, would be the year I make a change! Oh yes, it is time to change.

I would say my New Year’s Resolution has been a success, so far. Most people who start on January 1st are doomed for failure 3 weeks in. So I make it a point to start mine on January 2nd… New Year’s Day is a write off in my mind. However, since then I have stuck to a routine of exercising a minimum of 4 times a week and it feels great! Straight away weight started dropping off, I lost half a stone in a month! Out were the chocolates, crisps and biscuits, in were the carrot sticks, chicken breasts and protein shakes! Muscles started to become defined and I quickly noticed an increase in my energy levels. Even when I wasn’t at the gym I was inspired; Sport

Go Ape in Kent. I didn’t even realise I was exercising!

England did I fine job with their This Girl Can campaign, encouraging women to exercise. This Girl Can! I knew 2015 was the year for me!

Then disaster struck. This Girl Can’t! My own campaign of self pity, minimal self worth and a lack of motivation was born. Someone pass me the Haribo! Like many others, I hit a plateau. It seemed like however much I exercised and dieted I was stuck in the same place. Maybe my body was just destined to be this way? It just wasn’t working. This lack of motivation is perfectly described in This post begins with ‘I don’t like my body.’ The plateau is flat, dull and demotivating. Inspired by the words of Taylor Swift, “Shake it off, shake it off!” it was time for me to carry on up. But how?!

  • Fill your life with positive people– I love to post my gym successes on Facebook and find that when you are given a positive comment you
    Thanks to my friends, I've been kept on the straight and narrow!

    Thanks to my friends, I’ve been kept on the straight and narrow!

    just don’t want to stop. Use an app like Strava to connect with others; celebrate, track and log your progress.

  • Follow inspirational people online– I find that the men from SB Fitness are great at motivating me to want to improve myself. Personal Trainers are fantastic to follow or friend on Facebook as they will be constantly giving tips and showing unedited pictures of the successes their clients have had.

Another fantastic inspiration is Emily Syke who is always posting motivational messages online.

A helping hand from the SB Fitness guys at The Mud Run!

Try something new– Treadmill, cross-trainer, cycle. I even got bored writing it. Repeating the same exercises can get mundane and too easy for you. Challenge yourself and shock your body. Remember when you first went to the gym and you thought your legs were as heavy as iron the next day? Achieve that feeling again. Renew your love of exercise. I tried out a fantastic OCR called The Mud Run, who have their next event this month. Yes, I still have scars from it, but I had so much fun while shredding away some of that unwanted fat.

Being yanked out of the tires… it’s a lot harder than it looks!

It might have been a freezing cold December morning but I dragged myself to Shorne Country Park for a run!

Perhaps getting dirty is your thing? Get out into the beautiful British countryside and go for a woodland run. If you’re like me, you could attempt a spot of golf?

Join up to something competitive– Not only does committing to an event force you to prepare for it, it gives you a goal, and end result. In the past, I have trained for a variety of runs but this year I am trying my first sprint triathlon. Why don’t you join me? It is for a fantastic cause too! Of course the competitive element spurs us to success but for me, I have an ulterior motive… I am so frugal (tight!) that I cannot stand the idea that my money is wasted, so I train!

Anyone fancy a walk in the woods?

Anyone fancy a walk in the woods?

Don’t give up– Did you know James Dyson made over 5000 prototypes before reaching success? You can combat that stuck in a rut feeling and push past that pesky plateau!



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