We’ve all heard of car crash TV, but what about car crash Facebook posts?

What do you most dislike? Stupidity, especially in its nastiest forms of racism and superstition.” (Christopher Hitchens)

The Urban Dictionary describes ‘car crash TV’ as something bad and that you know you will regret watching but for some reason cannot turn away. The same goes for some of the people I have on my Facebook.

I am not one of those people who spends an afternoon ‘spring cleaning’ their Facebook friends and deleting people. Not only do I find it a waste of time, but you never know when you might want to speak to that particular person (even though you haven’t seen them since that random night you awkwardly bumped into each other on the train!) So occasionally, I notice posts on my newsfeed that completely take me aback. For a moment the words shock me and then suddenly the thoughts come to mind, “Who do I know that would ever post something so controversial? Something so *in a hushed tone* so racist?”

Racism in any form is scary!

Racism in any form is scary!

Immediately, I am offended and appalled, who would write such filth, apart from Britain First of course. (On a side note, well done Royal Mail for refusing to post their campaign leaflets!) Why am I offended by “Subway aint aloud to sell ham n bacon now muslims dont like it aparently aww nevermind…fuk off bak to ya arab country where subways dont exist then u filthy fukin cunts…”? Firstly, I’m not Muslim. Secondly, I don’t really eat pork. And to top it off, I don’t even eat Subway sandwiches! Yet, this particular status update had me angered and did offend. For a start he was commenting on an article from the Daily Mail, which may well have been a propaganda piece in its self!

As a teacher this particular Facebook ‘friend’ offends me by the slaughter of the ENGLISH language. Yes, his own language. Rather than spending his time complaining about other people coming into this country and ‘making us change our ways’ perhaps the unnamed should take a moment to learn about how to write in his own language, as he clearly missed a few days in school. (Wasted tax money?!)

To the obvious, his hatred towards a whole race is scary. I call it car crash Facebook posts, because I couldn’t stop looking at it. Reaching for the comment button, I found myself in a trance, I had to see the comments other people had written. 13 likes… There must be a following! Maybe I have spent too long being sheltered from these ‘types’ of people in the world. I absolutely believe in having the right to your opinion, but I just didn’t imagine someone I know (‘know’ being used very loosely here) had these strong right opinions, and was so passionate he felt a need to share with the world.

I do thank this individual for exposing me to a world, a scary world, a lot closer to home than I thought. Maybe you have shattered my naivety and innocence. I will continue to keep you as a ‘friend’, merely because you are my favourite car crash Facebook poster. We would never be friends in reality, but through this technological fantasy world, I am intrigued and spellbound by what disgusting thing you may post next. 


3 thoughts on “We’ve all heard of car crash TV, but what about car crash Facebook posts?

  1. Shreya, while admiring your guts in being so bold and outspoken in your views and thoughts on the subject of racism, I would like to give you a piece of friendly advice rather in ‘hushed tones’ as you might say. You ought to use a diplomatic language while expressing your views or comments on subjects of a sensitive nature on public platforms, social media, etc. You risk getting ‘marked’ for troll-attacks and there are any number of hypocrites on these electronic sites just for that purpose. Also, you never know which sissy might get offended by your straightforward expression of the truth because nobody likes the truth when it hurts. The times have changed and sadistic elements are always on the prowl hunting for easy game especially the ‘marked’ ones. So, watch out and don’t get caught in the Crosshairs of any such braindead maniac as you have a wonderful life ahead and you have miles to go before the sun sets. Take care and be happy – Godbless!

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    • Thanks for your response, and I completely take your comments on board. With being new to blogging I appreciate your advice.
      My point is not to offend but actually point out that the things which I find offensive, I know I should turn away from, but I can’t. I’m drawn to them through intrigue and curiosity.
      But once again, I respect what you have to say about the ‘bold’ manner in which I tackled such a sensitive topic.

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