Panic! It’s World Book Day!

Did your school take part?

Did your school take part?

“If you only read books that everyone else is reading, you only think what everyone else is thinking.” (Haruki Murakami)

Parents, students and teachers alike felt the panic and chaos this morning with the reminder of it being World Book Day. What to wear? Last minute costume preparation is always manic!

For schools around the UK World Book Day is perceived in a variety of manners. Some embrace the occasion and hold costume competitions, plan different schemes of work and even use this day as an opportunity to redecorate the faded book corner. While others shy away from the festivities knowing ‘Our kids won’t go for that sort of malarkey!’

Driving to the shops this morning, I was surprised and amused by the range of character inspired costumes on show. Which led to me thinking, ‘Have the children really read all of these books? Did that year 8 lad really read Oliver Twist?’ Rather than questioning the knowledge the children had of the literature being presented and if they have analysed Great Expectations thoroughly with a HB pencil and cramped annotations, I appreciated the effort and understanding of the students taking part in something to do with reading and writing.

You're a wizard Harry!

You’re a wizard Harry!

Being an English teacher we are often mocked for being nerds, geeks and book worms! But today is a day for celebration, to celebrate the literate, to celebrate that sometimes it is cool to read! Especially if you are dressed as Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games!

One final note which tickled me somewhat on my journey this morning, Heart radio had Emma and Jamie discuss how there are parents who are costume snobs in the playground, judging parents who send there kids into school with shop bought costumes. I say ‘PAH’ to that and congratulate you for managing to get your child into anything remotely based on a character from a book!

What did you or your child wear for World Book Day today?


I would LOVE to see someone dressed as the Gruffalo!

I would LOVE to see someone dressed as the Gruffalo!


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