Acquired Tastes: Olives!

“Happiness is… finding two olives in your martini when you’re hungry.” (Johnny Carlson”


For me, happiness is most certainly not finding an extra olive in my drink. I avoid them! Avoid them on my pizza, in my drink and in the minuscule bowl in my table at the bar. It seems everywhere I go olives haunt me!

I want to like them. I want to sophisticatedly pierce one with a cocktail stick and seductively nibble on it at parties. But instead I cringe at the salty taste and leathery skin. I long to be a “grown up” who finds olives moreish, yet find myself turned off by them, regardless if they are marinated or not!

It’s not that I haven’t tried to like them, I have. It’s just every time I try one, in the hope that suddenly I will love those tiny bitter lumps, I chew disappointingly that they still make me wretch. Being concerned that I’m the only one unable to stomach the Kalamata, stuffed, garlic olives on offer, I posed the question to my friends, “How can I begin to like olives?” Delighted to hear that a number of responses began with, “I used to hate them, but now I love them” has spurred me on to start a journey of discovery. I aim to find an olive which I love this year. I will search high and low for the olive that will change my view.

Will they always taste disgusting to me?

Will they always taste disgusting to me?

If anyone has an idea of a type of olive to taste, try and review I am welcome to options.

Let the olive tasting commence… Perhaps I will pair it with a glass of wine to make it more bearable?


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