Myth Busting: Indian food is unhealthy!

“The power of food is really spiritual. It not only brings the whole family together on the same table, but also brings together the whole family.” (Vikas Khanna)


Today’s myth that must be busted once and for all is that Indian food is unhealthy. Like any country’s cuisine, Indian food has the potential to be unhealthy. But I stand against the unhealthyness and opt for dishes that compliment my lifestyle.

Let’s start with the nation’s favourite: chicken curry. What are the key components which make up this fabulous meal? Obviously, as the name suggests, chicken. As a woman who exercises I understand the importance of diet and increasing my intake of protein, so chicken is a fantastic meat to introduce to your diet. Healthy, delicious and lean.

Moving on to the intricacies and balancing of spices. Indian food proudly shows off its love of combining amazingly aromatic spices to tantalise your tastebuds.

Turmeric- an anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants.

Cardamom- great for your digestive system and can be used to detoxify your kidneys.

Coriander- helps with skin issues such as eczema and is even proven to lower cholesterol.

Garlic- can reduce blood pressure and the chance of catching the common cold.

Ginger- provides gastrointestinal relief. 

Start adding some ginger to your meals!

Peppercorns- the breakdown of fat is caused by the outer layer of the peppercorn, so will keep you slim whilst you burn fat.

Chillies- can raise your metabolism, which in turn may benefit weight loss.

Cloves- relief from indigestion and constipation.

Onions- rich in vitamin C which can improve skin and hair, along with studies indicating that onions can prevent some forms of cancer.

As you can see, the humble chicken curry, with all the bad press it receives, has ingredients that boast a plethora of health benefits. Of course, you can add masses of oil/butter but I would say a tablespoon or two would suffice for a family of 4.

So next time you pass on the Indian grub, think again. It might just be a lot healthier than the carbonara you decide upon!


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