Musical comeback! Mumford and Sons!

So give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light.” (Mumford and Sons)

With the highly anticipated return of Mumford and Sons this summer to the festival circuit, are fans going to be disappointed or rejoicing?

The instrumental folk- sounding indie band have been pleasing fans since 2007 with songs like Little Lion Man and I Will Wait. However, this May they plan to release their third studio album, Wilder Mind, which has a different sound to the typical Mumford we have all come to know and love. Being described as a more ‘plugged in’ record, the band have cranked up the amps and ditched the banjos for a heavier sound. Following their two secret London gigs this week, it seems Mumfordites are comparing the new sound to Kings of Leon and Coldplay. The question is will their fans stay loyal or will the London foursome be seeking to expand their fan base to a different direction?


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