Quintessentially British Summer Events! What’s hot?

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” (F.Scott. Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby)

Shorts and a jumper perhaps?

Shorts and a jumper perhaps?

Confused with what to wear?

Confused with what to wear?

That glorious peek of sunshine through the clouds is enough to send us Brits into summertime mode. Who knows, this rare piece of golden glow may be the last we see until next year! So we scramble through the jumpers, hoodies and scarves for something lighter, maybe something short sleeved. Peering out of the window, I spot a convertible with its roof down, proving to the world that it is time to hide the Uggs and gloves and embrace your shades. Some may criticise claiming it’s still too cold to be driving around with the wind in your hair, especially as the fear of catching the common cold is still prevalent. Therefore, compromises are made in our world of fashion: flip-flops with jeans, sunglasses with woolly hats, bare legs with anoraks. Despite all of the confusion, the mood has switched since hitting 15 degrees last weekend. Summer is coming and we are preparing to come out of hibernation!

Dressed to impress at Royal Ascot!

Dressed to impress at Royal Ascot!

A survey of 1,100 people indicates that 55% of Brits plan to holiday abroad this summer. However, the 45% of Brits who opt for a staycation will be inundated with events to attend. The countdown to Royal Ascot has begun; with less than 100 days until this fabulous event we are gathering our finest hats to join the pomp and pageantry. Although the Cheltenham Festival is currently in full swing, it is Royal Ascot which is the place to be. The crème de la crème hope to be invited into the exclusive royal enclosure with the likes of Harry and Wills as regular attendees, whilst the rest of us happily take our picnics and Pimms to the Grandstand to bet, eat, drink and take in the summer’s high fashion. A popular day is Ladies Day and the Saturday is one for the family. Whichever day you decide to go, be sure to get your tickets early along with your statement fascinator!


The end of June marks the return of Wimbledon. This tennis tournament is all about being classically British, even the players enter the court dressed fully in white. Luckily, the grass stains are not something spectators have to be concerned about. Those of you fortunate enough to get a coveted pair of tickets will be promised passion, questionable sportsmanship and drama amongst the WAGS, all under the retractable roof on centre court. Of course, every year we hope for Andy Murray to be crowned champion but with Federer, Djokovic and Nadal in the game the odds become somewhat slimmer.

Can he win again?

Can he win again?

For the young and young at heart, Britain has a vast array of music festivals to treat your ears to. T in the Park is Scotland’s crowd- pleaser, whilst Glastonbury pulls in loyal fans year after year and Reading Festival shows off the hottest rock talents from around the globe. Brits may adore the traditions of horse racing and tennis, but we still are drawn to a weekend in a field surrounded by smelly long drops and the inevitability of rain. Although the above mentioned festivals make a dent in your pocket, there are many more local festivals that showcase unsigned acts and possibly the next big thing.

Wellies, cider and music- perfection!

Wellies, cider and music- perfection!

Don’t despair if you are the 45% left with unpredictable weather here on home turf, because there is so much to see and do! Whether it is in the city or countryside, Britain boasts a mass of marvellous events. Join in!

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