This time around I might actually like Maroon 5!!!

Before I go on stage I pretend everyone loves me!” (Adam Levine)

So Maroon 5’s rather typical popping songs haven’t exactly sparked or ignited anything within me… However their fifth album, V, is much more appealing to me. With a slightly darker sound, I have gravitated towards their music.

Maps grabbed my attention with it’s graphic music video, showing Levine’s love interest hit by a car. It captured me emotionally and conveyed the song perfectly.

However, there fun, excitable, upbeat single, Sugar, had me as soon as I saw the band in tuxedos! They scrub up beautifully! Then the concept of crashing weddings took over my soul… Maybe one day an internationally recognised band could play at my wedding?! The question remains whether or not these really were ‘surprises’ but either way Sugar is a cute video and now I am excited to see what this LA band produce next.

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