Can you endure being HIIT?

“Fitness is a battle. Welcome to the frontline!” (Les Mills)

Bodybuilding is back with determination to bully out all of the other forms of exercise. But 2014 saw the meatheads being battled by another trend: HIIT.

What is HIIT?

High- intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a much needed trend in our exercising schedule. What with going to work, looking after the kids/dogs/parents/boyfriends etc. we sometimes have little time for ourselves, including time to exercise. So along comes HIIT to smack you in the face. A HIIT session generally will combine high- intensity exercises performed with 100% effort for a short period of time, followed by a recovery or active recovery.

This form of workout is fantastic for three reasons:

  1.  Quick and convenient– the modern man/woman is working more hours than ever before, but with a quick 30 minute blast there is no excuse to miss your daily dose of exercise.
  2.  Anywhere and everywhere– HIIT workouts require only your determination, effort and bodily strength, not fancy gym equipment used by Ivan Drago. Being able to do a HIIT session anywhere from the aerobics studio to your living room or back garden makes it easy to not miss out. When it’s raining or your stuck with the kids while your husband pops out for a game of golf, you can clear a bit of space and raise your game with some burpees and squat thrusts.
  3.  Burn fat while you sleep– If you dream of waking up shredded this is the workout for you. A HIIT workout increases your metabolic rate, which means that even after you have completed your exercise your body will continue to burn fat.

hiit 2

My favourite HIIT exercises include: burpees, dynamic lunges, wide arm push ups and long jumps.

If you are looking for a gym class to take try Metafit which will have you competing with those around you and sweating out together. I love the motivating music and variety of exercises. However, if you prefer to do your own workout give Deltaworks’ Interval Timer- Timing for HIIT Training app a go. I found it useful in setting up my own sessions and programming my music to compliment my exercise.

Fitness shouldn’t be tedious. Make it fun, fast- paced and full of effort with a HIIT session!


5 thoughts on “Can you endure being HIIT?

  1. All said and done, floor exercises are best for men and women of all ages keeping good health. It is advisable to shun all forms of iron-pumping exercises like handling weights, etc., unless one’s planning to join the mad crew of comic wrestlers (seen on the idiot box) or aim to take up boxing or professional body building activities. The time-tested reason is unnecessary gym workouts in the early stages tend to weaken one’s nerves, tendons or muscles like overworked elastic strips after the gymming craze has died down, resulting in unavoidable pain, twitching and jerky movements of limbs towards the second half of one’s life. Just a suggestion, if not convinced, most welcome to learn the hard way – all the best!


    • See I agree to a certain point. I love to do some weights, such as squats and deadlifts. Doing them has improved my fitness. I like to balance cardio with resistance, but it is much more natural to use one’s body instead. I think some people just injure themselves through lack of understanding and opt for weights too heavy.

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      • Just perfect – well chosen exercises with proper diet, if required, will certainly do good for improving one’s fitness, and you seem to have done well in that direction. However, not all are so considerate and discerning in making the right choice, and the net result is suffering unnecessary pain and discomfort in old age when the fad or need for heavy-duty gymming is all over.


      • Thank God she’s only damaged it; please get it set right asap because it will bother her more in the winter season besides aggravating the painful condition – thanks!


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