Songs for the underwhelming eclipse!

“It’s only during an eclipse that Man on the Moon has a place in the sun.”

If you were underwhelmed by the solar eclipse today, you can rejoice in knowing that there are a multitude of songs you can lean on in this time of need!


3 thoughts on “Songs for the underwhelming eclipse!

  1. God knows why some folks are shit scared of the eclipse, solar or lunar, even after knowing full well that it is one of innumerable celestial events going on in the universe for ages! Can anybody stop, alter or prevent any one of these events now or ever? Has God ever told humans about negatively affecting them using any of these events – No, then why this fear as if it was aimed at them for their destruction? The answer lies in the clever cheating the gullible by slyly manipulating the ignorance coupled with fear, for their own benefit and life of ease, and that’s what has been going on since the dawn of time. Seasons come and go, likewise eclipses, solar or lunar, they happen up there and these silly mortals shudder down here – what fun! :))))


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