James Corden breaks America! Boy did us proud!

“The difference between doing something and not doing something, is doing something.”

When a Brit travels across the Atlantic to ‘make it’ in America, we secretly wish them well and reassure them that we will still love them even if the Yanks don’t. Bands always hope of going on the road in the USA but many fall short as their dreams are squashed, a little something our beloved Take That and Oasis know all too well. However, not all of our exports have been a flop; Gordon Ramsey, One Direction and Daniel Day Lewis have all had a taste of the sweet success of breaking into the American limelight. So when the 36 year old, James Corden, was announced as the host of The Late Late Show we waited with baited breath.

Luckily, the Gavin and Stacey star, cracked it. His hilarious sense of humour has won over the audiences and clips from his show have sent the world on fire. If he continues to interview and create brilliant skits with the A List Hollywood crowd, then it would seem that he has been embraced and enveloped into the hearts of America. We wish good luck Mr Corden, and look forward to seeing more of David Beckham on your show!

Not convinced? Have a look at these videos posted on youtube to see what all the fuss is about!


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