Easy money!

“There are people who have money and there are people who are rich.” (Coco Chanel)

Coco Chanel has a point here. She may be right about the difference in wealth. Richness doesn’t necessarily mean having a bank balance in the six figures. If you don’t believe me just take a good at the moral underlying tone of Macaulay Culkin’s film, Richie Rich. In the film it is not his ‘kidapult’ which makes him content, but it’s the friends he makes on the way which do. With this in mind, I would like to highlight the flaw in Chanel’s viewpoint. Although a noble perspective, there is an alternative saying which rings true in today’s society:”‘Money makes life easier.” This angle, taken by Al Pacino, looks at the cold, harsh reality of money. Yes, it is clichéd to suggest that money can’t bring you happiness. But for me it opens up the experiences in life which make me happy.

So when I decided to leave my last job, the fear of being ‘strapped for cash’ was prevalent. Therefore, I spent some time looking at possible substitutes for a high income. The results were shocking… You can make money and save money in so many different ways. Here are a few of my favourite tips on ‘easy money’. All of which are legal, I would like to add!

  1.  Use your social media to follow magazines and newspapers. They are always looking for research participants. Recently I took part in a telephone interview and was rewarded with £40 worth of Arcadia vouchers!
  2. Find voucher codes online. Using sites like vouchercodes.co.uk, groupon.co.uk and local.amazon.co.uk have been a god send. I’ve managed to bag a 3 course meal at The Ritz with champagne for only £55! These sites also do brilliant deals on products too, such as pillows and protein shakes.
  3. Sell. Sell. Sell. My house is crammed full of useless junk. However, to someone else that junk may be valuable. ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ after all. The first thing that springs to mind is eBay and Amazon, both of which are excellent for getting rid of old university books which are just gathering dust. Other things like disused furniture or the mountain of boxes of chocolates taking up much needed space in my house have been flogged on local Facebook selling pages. The advantage of selling on these sites is that you don’t even need to leave your home!
  4. Subscribe to company emails and newspapers. You may feel swamped with spam, but wade through it and the trawling may pay off. Just a few weeks ago, I found an offer for free tickets to the Ideal Home Show. What fun it was, especially as there were lots of freebees on our way around the exhibition. The next one I plan to take advantage of is a free bottle of wine at an Old English Inn.
  5. Request to trial products. Want to try a new foundation? Perhaps you want to sample a herbal tea? Companies are always giving away free samples through their websites. It just takes a few minutes to fill in your details and within a couple of days you will have through in the post your desired product.
  6. Cut back. Instead of getting your daily shot of Starbucks make your own coffee at home. This small change could save you up to £750 a year!
  7. Get yourself a piggy bank. The change knocking around my pockets and handbag are always put into a jar. At the end of the month I can treat myself to the cinema, with Orange Wednesday of course!

These tips may not bring in the big money, but they sure do help! Happy saving!


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