It’s a bare leg kinda day in Britain!

“In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather in 24 hours.”

The long awaited slither of sunshine is about to grace our lives on our quaint little island. Britain is preparing for our annual ‘heatwave’. Tabloids are sure to slap on headlines such as ‘1000s of Brits flock to Brighton for sunshine and fun!’

I, for one, am dubious about days like today. The pessimist inside me fears for a spell of torrential rain that could flood my dainty shoes. Knowing that I really should stick to my faithful winter boots until roasting point, seems sensible. Yet, I have chosen to join the masses of women today in braving the bare legs. My legs are timid, unnerved by the sheer amount of exposure and pasty under the sun. But I walk tall, just not as tall as Swifty, with my newly shaven legs out from hibernation. Preparation for summer skin is essential (buff, exfoliate, moisturise, moisturise again!) but I don’t care today. Today I rebel against sensibility! You should too!

Ladies, I hope you are enjoying a day free from trousers and tights! Revel in the crisp air on your pins!

Oh no, I don't look like this! Bring back winter, quick!

Oh no, I don’t look like this! Bring back winter, quick!

2 thoughts on “It’s a bare leg kinda day in Britain!

  1. The quote you used made me laugh because that is exactly like Oregon is in the spring. There was one time that it was sunny, raining, hailing and then snowing all in a half an hour period lol. Now that I live in Los Angeles I only see one thing….sun….not complaining though lol

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