6 skills we perfected as kids, but never practised as adults.

“I don’t have time for hobbies. At the end of the day, I treat my job as a hobby. It’s something I love doing.” (David Beckham)

At school I could’ve been the reigning champion of tiddly winks… But never since leaving the school gates have I so much as even flicked a counter.

As children we learn important skills; as a child growing up in the 90s I learnt many playground skills. It’s just we forget about them as soon as we could do cooler pastimes like go on MSN chat or wander aimlessly around the local shopping centre.

Here are my top 6 skills that are buried in our past.

6. Walking the dog with your yoyo. This wasn’t just a craze, it was a challenge. The elite went on to try the diabolo.


5. Create a robust paper airplane. We even added weights to the nose of the place with a paperclip!


4. Do a perfect cat’s cradle. The more complicated, the better.

Cats cradle

3. Crisp packet origami. This was a break time skill that required precision.


2. Lunchtime was spent doing handstands against a wall with your friends. But you might mix it up with a cartwheel competition.


1. Double- dutch. Unless you are a boxer, skipping isn’t something the average person does every day. Perhaps rather than going to the pub this Saturday, me and my friends should seek out a jump rope for some playground fun!

Double dutch  

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