Favourite fruits: Mango!

Sweet, delicious and sticky!

The humble apple, banana and pear don’t quite satisfy my fruit fancy, but give me a plate of kiwi, pineapple, passion fruit and guava and I’m living in a dream. What is it about these exotic fruits which fill us with delight and happiness? Perhaps it is the connection to far away lands that put us in an alternative state of mind: the holiday mind. When biting into a sumptuous mango I’m transported to a beach in Goa, with palm trees waving in the warm breeze as the waves gently kiss the sand. Last week my parents went to the ‘Indian shops’ in Ilford to pick up a crate of Kesar mangoes, it has been a week of yummy joy, so get down to your local world food shop to sample these amazing imports. Chain supermarket mangoes are not even worth comparing to the real fruits available in the tiny Eastern supermarkets, and they are cheaper too!

Tropical treats!

Tropical treats!

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